Synergy Advantage

Every patient scheduled for eye surgery needs to undergo some blood tests and then obtain a “fitness certificate “. This involves two visits , first to a pathology lab and then to a physician’s clinic. Also eye surgery is best performed in a dedicated ophthalmic centre where all the staff is geared to attend to the specific needs of patients undergoing eye surgery. However many cataract patients also have medical ailments like diabetes, hypertension or heart disease. To take care of any medical emergency that may occur, such patients have to be operated upon in a general hospital. But here the cataract patient is likely to be ignored when surrounded by more seriously ill patients. The nursing staff is more focused on treating a heart attack rather than putting eyedrops in a cataract patient’s eye.

The Synergy Advantage is that it provides an ideal combination of all the above features under one roof . It’s not only a super speciality ophthalmic centre ,where the staff is specially trained for eye surgery, but it also houses a comprehensive medical centre equipped with cardiac monitors and resuscitation equipment as well as an in house pathology lab and a pharmacy.All the pre-operative and post-operative investigations and physician visits can be conveniently combined with the eye check ups thus keeping the hospital visits to a minimum. Also experienced physicians are available to tackle any medical emergency that may unfortunately befall an ophthalmic patient especially during surgery. Thus the Synergy patient gets the best of ophthalmic care with maximum safety and convenience.