State-of-the-art Retinal Scanning

Equipped with various retinal scanning
technologies to make sure your retina is healthy

Retinal Angiography (FFA/ICG):

Advanced Dye-based imaging of the retinal blood vessels which can pick up early subclinical damage to the retina for better management.

Intra-vitreal Injections (Anti-VEGFs,Steroids):

Treating previously untreatable retinal conditions with various injectable drugs & implants with practically zero tissue damage.

Colour Fundus Imaging

Standard field, High Mag for Macular lesions & Montage imaging for Diabetic Retinopathy monitoring


Green laser photocoagulation for treating diabetic retinopathy and vascular occlusions and prevention of retinal detachment.


Retina Surgeries

introducing the latest in sutureless retinal surgery (MIVS) for excellent results and maximum patient comfort