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Our Inspiration

Dr.Bhaskar GaitondeDr. Bhaskar Gaitonde (22/02/1898 - 10/01/1963) :
The life story of Dr. Bhaskar Dattatraya Gaitonde, grandfather of Dr. Dilip Gaitonde, is ample proof that when there is determination and dedication, destiny also can’t help but play a favourable role.
It is simply amazing how a poor farmer’s son, growing up in Bamboli, a remote village in Konkan, beat the odds and reached the gates of the prestigious Grant Medical College, Mumbai through hard work, focus and unexpected financial help from an aquaintance. However, even more inspirational is the fact that after completing his MBBS in 1927, young Dr. Bhaskar refused an offer to go to England for FRCS and instead set up practice in the small town of Kankavli. He had seen the lack of basic medical facilities in Konkan, especially regarding childbirth, and he was determined to rectify the situation.
Many times through his career Dr. Bhaskar would travel for miles on foot or on his bicycle to attend to those too ill to come to the clinic. Once, he even swam across a river to reach a patient. Monetary compensation was never his primary goal and at times he was known to financially help extremely poor patients who could not afford nutritious meals and medicines.
Even outside his medical practice he was looking to do his bit for the society. He started the first English medium school in Kankavli and he even found time to teach English there. Being an accomplished harmonium and tabla player himself, Dr. Bhaskar supported visiting classical musicians in all ways.
Due to ill health he was advised to move to Kolhapur in 1942 and in no time became a popular physician even in this new place.
Dr. Bhaskar Gaitonde was amply rewarded for his dedicated service by the love and adulation of his patients which has even outlasted his lifetime. More than 30 years after his demise, an occasional patient would walk into Bhaskar Eye Clinic and enquire with tears in his eyes whether Dr. Dilip Gaitonde was related to Dr. Bhaskar Gaitonde of Kankavli.
This is the legacy we aspire to carry forward at Bhaskar Advanced Eye Care.

Chairman's Message

Dr.dilipDr. Dilip Gaitonde :
Vision is one of the most precious gifts from God. Every person, old or young, dreads the idea of losing sight. It is indeed a privilege to be in a position to preserve this priceless ability. We, at Bhaskar Advanced Eye Care, believe every patient gives us an opportunity to serve humanity in a meaningful way. Each patient we serve is unique in his / her own way as they have a different medical, socio-economic and psychological background. We consider it our duty to not only provide a successful medical solution but also to keep a holistic approach towards factoring different patient backgrounds in our service so that every patient is fully satisfied. The blessings of happy and satisfied patients, from all walks of life, are our biggest motivators as we look to create a lasting legacy. We genuinely believe that this goodwill has contributed in a big way towards our progress in the last 3 decades. We really hope that the platform we have created will also help us reach out to those who are not privileged to receive world class ophthalmological treatment.


It was on 15th August 1987 that Dr Aruna and Dr Dilip Gaitonde started Bhaskar eye clinic in a small 200 sq ft premises at their old residence near Charai, Thane. This was just an OPD set up and surgeries were performed in nearby hospitals. As cataract surgical work increased they felt the need for a dedicated ophthalmic operation theatre. In 1992 an opportunity presented in the form of a 600 sq. ft. flat on Gokhale road and an indoor facilty with operation theatre was added. Dr. Sharang Wartikar, a vitreo-retinal consultant, later joined Bhaskar Eye Clinic and a much needed retinal department, where retinal laser procedures as well as surgeries were performed, was started. Dr. Gaitonde, along with two of his colleagues, took a bold step and set up iSight Laser Centre, one of the earliest set-ups in Thane, to offer Lasik treatment to those of his patients who wanted to get rid of spectacles. Today, Bhaskar Advanced Eye Care has flowered into a 10000 sq. ft. premise on Ghodbunder Road with speciality OPDs for cataract, lasik, glaucoma, retina, oculoplasty and children’s eye care. There are multiple refraction, counselling and diagnostic rooms and also a large operation theatre complex with a dedicated sterilization room and three operation theatres for cataract, retina and lasik.

Our Management Team

Dr.Aruna GaitondeDr. Aruna Gaitonde :
Dr. Aruna is co-founder of Bhaskar Eye Care. It was her vision that has made the Centre grow from a 200 sq. ft. OPD to its present form covering 10000 sq. ft. An anaesthesiologist with 30 years of experience, Dr Aruna has capably handled the growing HR responsibilities of the Centre besides attending to the anaesthesia requirements of the surgical patients. Her wide exposure to work culture in various hospitals where she visited as a consultant anaesthesiologist helped her to assemble a highly motivated and trained team who are proud of this organization and extremely dedicated to make sure all patients go back happy. Her keen aesthetic sense has also come in handy when designing the layout and colour schemes of Bhaskar Eye Care at every stage of its growth.

Dr. Dilip Gaitonde Dr. Dilip Gaitonde :
Dr. Dilip is the other co-founder of Bhaskar Eye Care. His clinical acumen as well as close bonding with his patients is primarily responsible for the phenomenal growth of the Centre. It was his non-negotiable impetus on patient satisfaction and passion for his work which led to the decision to invest in ultra-modern equipment. Hence, the Centre can boast of an OCT, Optical biometer, topographer, fundus camera, multi spot laser and phaco machine besides other routine equipment.

Dr.Nikhil NegalurDr. Nikhil Negalur :
Dr. Nikhil Negalur is the youngest member of the management team at Bhaskar Eye Care. His vision to achieve excellence in eye care, along with his experience in teaching and training at some of the best Eye Institutes, Charitable Eye Foundations & NGOs in India, brings along vast expertise to the management team. His belief in “Customised Eye care” drives various innovations in delivering quality eye care to his patients.